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Pictoria is one of my favourite planets in the series. It - of course - is partly inspired by the Red Rock Canyons, in the US. The photos of those wonderful swirling formations with their intense colour helped to bring the whole planet to life for me. Pictoria is a series of parallel ridges, cut almost into steps, like the Red Rock Canyon in Colorado. The Buttes are like the ones in Utah. The caves are most like those in the Arizona canyons. It was easy to visualize the whole planet just from those few images.


The important thing about Pictoria is that it is the home of the ortholiquid (and the avifauna!). Ortholiquid can't really just survive on a planet through the milenia if it is not protected from the atmosphere, from evaporation. So a planet like Pictoria, essentially porous down to a certain level, is the ideal place for it to thrive right through to our times.

The winds that blow only at night have a basis in fact too. Neptune, for example has a high speed jet stream which travels at around 600 mph. Definitely strong enough to blow you away!



I loved writing about Hanna's grave, on Pictoria. Hanna had a terrible life, but she is remembered forever on an alien planet, somewhere in space. It is a comforting thought.